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Past events

20 Oct 2022 NVAVA Check-In Meeting: What does Impact Evaluation Mean to YOU?
19 Oct 2022 AL!VE, Better Impact & VMPC Conference: Impact Evaluation: Data That Matters and Telling the Right Story
15 Sep 2022 Improving Staff/Volunteer Relationships through Staff Training
18 Aug 2022 NVAVA August Check In: Intern Season
28 Jul 2022 Reigniting Your Fire: Rising From the Ashes of Burnout
19 May 2022 NVAVA Annual Meeting In-Person Networking Event
10 May 2022 NVAVA Virtual Annual Meeting
21 Apr 2022 NVAVA April Meeting: Best practices in working with neurodivergent volunteers
17 Mar 2022 NVAVA March Meeting: The Volunteer Manager’s Guide to Survival - How the Pandemic Affected Leaders of Volunteers
20 Jan 2022 Wicked Questions to Promote Volunteer Inclusion
16 Dec 2021 DAVA and NVAVA December Holiday Check-In/Ugly Sweater Contest
18 Nov 2021 NVAVA Book Club for Leaders of Volunteers Brag Better: Master the Art of Fearless Self Promotion
20 Oct 2021 AL!VE, Better Impact & VMPC Conference: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
23 Sep 2021 Volunteers and Donors: Making the Connection
19 Aug 2021 NVAVA August Check-in Call
22 Jul 2021 July Panel Discussion: Bringing back on-site volunteers
20 May 2021 NVAVA Annual Meeting
29 Apr 2021 DAVA and NVAVA April Collaboration Meeting
03 Mar 2021 AL!VE -Navigating Difficult Situations: Effective Solutions for Everyday Challenges
18 Feb 2021 NVAVA February Check-in Call
28 Jan 2021 January Goal Setting Workshop
10 Dec 2020 DAVA and NVAVA December Collaboration Meeting
19 Nov 2020 Am I Making the Right Decision? The Role of Ethics in Volunteer Engagement
21 Oct 2020 AL!VE, Better Impact & VMPC Conference: Managing Risk
14 Oct 2020 DAVA and NVAVA Collaboration Meeting
17 Sep 2020 Virtual Facilitation –Tips and Techniques for Volunteer Managers
20 Aug 2020 Zoom August Check-in Call
16 Jul 2020 Zoom Conference Call - Inclusiveness and Implicit Bias
13 May 2020 NVAVA Zoom Conference Call: Volunteerism During the Pandemic
31 Mar 2020 NVAVA Zoom Conference Call
16 Jan 2020 January Workshop - Secrets to Successful Meetings
14 Nov 2019 November Workshop - 4 R’s of Volunteer Administration! Recruitment, Retention, Recognition, and Resignation
19 Sep 2019 September Workshop - Raising the Bar! Strategically Recruit, Retain & Engage Retired Professionals
18 Jul 2019 July Workshop - Managing Volunteer Push-Back and Maintaining Your Sanity
23 May 2019 NVAVA Annual Meeting
21 Mar 2019 March Workshop - Being an Effective Leader by Managing Up
17 Jan 2019 January Workshop- Turning Volunteers into Donors
15 Nov 2018 November Workshop- Turning Volunteers into Donors
20 Sep 2018 Technology and Volunteer Management
19 Jul 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility – Making it Work for your Organization’s Volunteer Program
31 May 2018 NVAVA Annual Meeting
15 Mar 2018 From Good to Great: Transforming Your Volunteer Program
18 Jan 2018 Learning about Learning Styles to Help Engage Your Volunteers!
16 Nov 2017 Renew, Rejuvenate, and Relax: A few self care ideas to get you through the end of the year
25 Oct 2017 AL!VE & Better Impact Hybrid Conference: Take the Leap | Embrace Change
25 Oct 2017 Lunch for the Al!VE conference
21 Sep 2017 Fun with facilitation: How to engage, inspire and enjoy facilitating meetings!
25 Jul 2017 Working with all types of volunteers: A panel discussion around non-traditional volunteers
16 Mar 2017 Showing Volunteer Impact
19 Jan 2017 Creating Community Events From the Ground Up
10 Nov 2016 The Power of Connections: Enhancing Your Networking Skills to Making Good Impressions to Reach Success
14 Sep 2016 AL!VE & Better Impact Hybrid Conference: Once Upon A Time Begins With You, Reimagining the Future of Volunteer Engagement
21 Jul 2016 What could possibly go wrong? -- Managing volunteers' accident and liability risks



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