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Upcoming events

    • 19 Oct 2022
    • 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
    • Zoom

    Everyone is being expected to take advantage of data, no matter what their size, mission, or budget. Decision makers want organizations to use data to show their value beyond what the financials show. But it’s more than that. It’s also knowing what data is important and telling the story behind the data that really matters.

    With limited resources, how do agencies partnering with volunteers choose an approach that combines the right mix of data and tools to provide insight relevant to your organization? And where is it going to come from?

    This year’s Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference will focus on equipping leaders of volunteers with skills to determine what data is useful and how to tell impactful stories using different tools and technologies.

    We are pleased to announce our speakers for this years Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference.   Read on to learn more about this year’s speakers, and a few more updates: 

    Veronica Deally – Why Volunteers Deserve Their Own Annual Report

    Adam Shilling – What’s In It For Them?” Persuading Leaders and Decisions Makers

    Erin Spink – Positioning Yourself as the Expert and Communicating with Impact and Confidence

    Tony Goodrow – The Relative Impact Model for Measuring the ROI of Volunteer Engagement

    NVAVA is partnering with the Delaware Association of Volunteer Administrators, DAVA, and will be attending the conference virtually on Wednesday, October 19th from 9:00am-3:30pm EST. 

    This conference is included with NVAVA membership with no additional fees. Registrants will receive a link to access the conference a day before it starts. Learn more about the conference this year here: https://www.betterimpact.tv/vmhc/  

    • 20 Oct 2022
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Zoom link

    October 20, 2022

    12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

    Are you planning to attend the 2022 Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference of Volunteer Administrators?  It’s focused on the data—what can be gathered, what tools and technologies are available, how to turn it into an meaningful story, and how you can evaluate impacts at your organization.  (See below for more details about that conference which is FREE to NVAVA members!)

    You may be new to data collection and don’t know where to start, or you might be an expert who needs someone to hold you accountable for reaching your storytelling goals.  At our October check in (10/20 starting at noon) we’ll unpack the conference take-aways, and discuss next steps you can use for your organization! 

Past events

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28 Jul 2022 Reigniting Your Fire: Rising From the Ashes of Burnout
19 May 2022 NVAVA Annual Meeting In-Person Networking Event
10 May 2022 NVAVA Virtual Annual Meeting
21 Apr 2022 NVAVA April Meeting: Best practices in working with neurodivergent volunteers
17 Mar 2022 NVAVA March Meeting: The Volunteer Manager’s Guide to Survival - How the Pandemic Affected Leaders of Volunteers
20 Jan 2022 Wicked Questions to Promote Volunteer Inclusion
16 Dec 2021 DAVA and NVAVA December Holiday Check-In/Ugly Sweater Contest
18 Nov 2021 NVAVA Book Club for Leaders of Volunteers Brag Better: Master the Art of Fearless Self Promotion
20 Oct 2021 AL!VE, Better Impact & VMPC Conference: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
23 Sep 2021 Volunteers and Donors: Making the Connection
19 Aug 2021 NVAVA August Check-in Call
22 Jul 2021 July Panel Discussion: Bringing back on-site volunteers
20 May 2021 NVAVA Annual Meeting
29 Apr 2021 DAVA and NVAVA April Collaboration Meeting
03 Mar 2021 AL!VE -Navigating Difficult Situations: Effective Solutions for Everyday Challenges
18 Feb 2021 NVAVA February Check-in Call
28 Jan 2021 January Goal Setting Workshop
10 Dec 2020 DAVA and NVAVA December Collaboration Meeting
19 Nov 2020 Am I Making the Right Decision? The Role of Ethics in Volunteer Engagement
21 Oct 2020 AL!VE, Better Impact & VMPC Conference: Managing Risk
14 Oct 2020 DAVA and NVAVA Collaboration Meeting
17 Sep 2020 Virtual Facilitation –Tips and Techniques for Volunteer Managers
20 Aug 2020 Zoom August Check-in Call
16 Jul 2020 Zoom Conference Call - Inclusiveness and Implicit Bias
13 May 2020 NVAVA Zoom Conference Call: Volunteerism During the Pandemic
31 Mar 2020 NVAVA Zoom Conference Call
16 Jan 2020 January Workshop - Secrets to Successful Meetings
14 Nov 2019 November Workshop - 4 R’s of Volunteer Administration! Recruitment, Retention, Recognition, and Resignation
19 Sep 2019 September Workshop - Raising the Bar! Strategically Recruit, Retain & Engage Retired Professionals
18 Jul 2019 July Workshop - Managing Volunteer Push-Back and Maintaining Your Sanity
23 May 2019 NVAVA Annual Meeting
21 Mar 2019 March Workshop - Being an Effective Leader by Managing Up
17 Jan 2019 January Workshop- Turning Volunteers into Donors
15 Nov 2018 November Workshop- Turning Volunteers into Donors
20 Sep 2018 Technology and Volunteer Management
19 Jul 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility – Making it Work for your Organization’s Volunteer Program
31 May 2018 NVAVA Annual Meeting
15 Mar 2018 From Good to Great: Transforming Your Volunteer Program
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16 Nov 2017 Renew, Rejuvenate, and Relax: A few self care ideas to get you through the end of the year
25 Oct 2017 AL!VE & Better Impact Hybrid Conference: Take the Leap | Embrace Change
25 Oct 2017 Lunch for the Al!VE conference
21 Sep 2017 Fun with facilitation: How to engage, inspire and enjoy facilitating meetings!
25 Jul 2017 Working with all types of volunteers: A panel discussion around non-traditional volunteers
16 Mar 2017 Showing Volunteer Impact
19 Jan 2017 Creating Community Events From the Ground Up
10 Nov 2016 The Power of Connections: Enhancing Your Networking Skills to Making Good Impressions to Reach Success
14 Sep 2016 AL!VE & Better Impact Hybrid Conference: Once Upon A Time Begins With You, Reimagining the Future of Volunteer Engagement
21 Jul 2016 What could possibly go wrong? -- Managing volunteers' accident and liability risks



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